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Company Fees

The company offers a range of services for academic institutions including:
The fees to be charged by e-College.ac for services provided will be variable according to the nature of the project, the resources available and the budgetary requirements of the bodies providing the funding.

Typically, funding bodies both in the UK and Europe require evidence of value for money and project budgets will be based on their guidelines. The company has significant experience in constructing budgets to satisfy funders' requirements.

The company consultancy and project management fees will normally be based on the senior management salary rates of the institution leading the project, adjusted pro-rata for the time allocated.

A budget allocation for the company contribution will be agreed at the project planning stage against which the company will claim on a monthly basis. This will include travel, subsistence and agreed non-staffing costs.
Technology Enhanced Learning - Consultancy - Project Management
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e-College.ac has successfully completed a number of consultancies and projects for the Welsh Government, for the European Commission and for UK public bodies such as JISC. It has also worked extensively in the  private sector, particularly with regard to the training needs of SMEs and supply chain companies.

e-Learning advice and consultancy covering management strategy, policy, business modelling and implementation planning;

e-Learning project planning: design, funding procurement, management, delivery and evaluation;

e-Learning course development including pedagogic planning, programme specification, content development and staff training;

e-Learning research support: technological and pedagogic innovation, networking with the global community of practice, publications;

Academic accreditation: planning for online qualifications including liaison with validating bodies and preparation of validation documents;

Horizon scanning and sustainability: advice on planning for future and emerging technologies and the cost effective use of open source software, web 2.0 tools, cloud computing and open educational resources.
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Company Fees
e-College.ac can provide a total e-learning solution for institutions from initial concept, through course design,  pilot delivery, evaluation, validation and full implementation.